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Happy Tuesday

Even though it's Wednesday. So, you know how I said I was going to change art styles? Well, I have two comics drawn up, I just need to scan them and fix them up in the computer. So be looking for an update soon.

Thank you.


Hey, you know what I said almost a month ago about the whole "updating more often" thing? I'm pretty sure I jinxed myself because right after those words escaped my fingers, I got insanely busy. So. I probably won't be posting very often. However, when I do, there will be an art shift because I don't like using the computer to draw stickies. It will still be stick figures, they will just be drawn with pencils.


School is finally coming to a managable level. So be looking for more regular (or at least more frequent) upates in the near future. Also, if anyone watches Dollhouse, they get a cookie. Half a cookie is you watched Buffy and/or Angel. A brownie if you watched Firefly. Icecream if you've seen Dr. Horrible. And another half cookie if you've read any Buffy and/or Angel comics.

Yes, I'm a nerd. Yes, I'm obsessed with Joss Whedon (not in the same way I'm obsessed with James Marsters, 'cause Joss, while an amazing writer, isn't nearly as hot. Maybe in a few years he'll get his silver fox on, but right now he's kinda middle-age-looking and that's too close to looking like my dad, so yeah).

Oh, in case you doubt my nerdiness, get me started on anime, Batman, Star Trek, or Greek mythology.

Heroes is fun sometimes, too. Sue me.


Okay, I lied. I was eating lunch and realized that today was Friday, not Wednesday and I still hadn't posted a new comic. Be expecting one tomorrow or Sunday. Then (hopefully) I will be back to my originally planned schedule of Tuesday, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

My apologies.

Heh, oops

Hey, sorry, no new strip yesterday. Funny story involving school, crazy family, and play rehearsal. And one other thing, but I forget. There will probably be one sometime tomorrow.