About the Art

The Greenroom has been an idea I've toyed around with since May after an interesting incident in the greenroom at one of the theatres I like to work with in real life (not that I have one). I tried many different styles of drawing, from chibi to a very surreal style in which limbs occasionally bent backwards. Then I realized that I do not have the artistic talent required to draw people (read: I'm too lazy to take the time to make them realistic). I tried to enlist my wonderful sister who can draw, but she refused. So, stick figures it was. I've drawn with stick figures before and there's always two problems: they all look alike and when they stand next to each other you can't tell which limbs belong to who.

My solution: I gave each character one feature that defines them. For instance, there is only one character with eyes, only one with ears, only one with a mouth, etc. This makes emotions much harder to express (feet not being the most emotional part of the body and all), so they all have text floating around them. With most of the characters, I have very specific reasons for choosing each part, others it just happened to be that way.

The other unique thing about each character is that they're each drawn with a different color that (usually) matches their personality. This way, when the characters interact (hug, hold hands, fight, or one stands in front of the other), it's not a senseless jumble of lines.

Cast (in order of appearence*):

Amy Christian - A young, bubbly girl. Amy is the type of person who will get lost chasing butterflies or racing dragonflies. The reason she has a nose is it makes tilting her head easier. And she's a little nosy sometimes. Yes, I know, lame pun. The reason she is pink is, well, she's a pink type of person. You know the type, don't give me that look.

Tam Berring - A very down-to-earth, take-charge type of person. Tam's no-nonsense perspective makes her a very good candidate for leadership within the group. She has feet because she's a go-to person. Whenever there's a problem, she just acts instead of delegating. She's dark green because that's a very earthy color (and someone else is brown). Dark green conveys strength.

Aaron Trueth - A magnificent jerk. He has ears because he hears things (no, not that, sorry). And he's lime green because, well, it seemed appropriate. By the way, Trueth does not sound like 'truth' it's 'tru-eth'. But yes, it was deliberately based off the word.

Terry Remson - An ordinary guy. Terry keeps a healthy amount of pessimism in any situation, but when he's on board, he's great to have around. He's also a really sweet guy. And he likes vans. He's got that big triagle in the middle of him, which is the stick-figure version of a chest/torsoe because the chest is where you keep the heart. D'aw. And he's orange because (I'm about to seem like the lamest person ever) orange makes me feel warm and fuzzy and at home (the city I live in has lots of construction and therefore a lot of orange barrels).

Sheila Trueth - Aaron's little sister. A very shy, hides-in-a-corner type of person. People make her nervous. She's got eyes because, similair to Amy, it gives her more expression (for instance, it's very easy to make her look annoyed, angry, happy, or bored) and she watches things. She's a gray-ish blue color (I think the technical term is 'dark cyan', but that sounds...bleh) because that's a sad, shy color.

Ms. Florence Lake - Where to start? Ms. Flo is in charge of the theatre. It was her idea to start the Teen Company. Sounds like we should like her, ja? No. Non. Nein. No (only this time in Spanish). When she says the Teen Company gets to do whatever show they want, she means that they get to do the show she wants. She has a mouth because she talks a lot. She's yellow because it seemed like a good color for an old lady. So yeah.

Jason Mix - Jason is a take-charge type of person, like Tam, but is slightly more obnoxious about it. With good reason. At the theatre, he is one of Ms. Flo's favorite actors (because he's one of the best). He also sings really well. Jason is a gold-ish color because I thought it looked good. And he has emo-hair because the guy he's based on has his hair in that style (though he was blond until recently).

Rachel Andores - Yeah, she's really not as important as you might think. She's blue for...whatever reason sounds good to you (if you want the truth, that just happened to be the color I clicked, so yeah). And she wears jewelry because she's flashy like that.

Isabel "Ruki" Long - An generic Asian girl (she's never been to Asia, though). She has an "I'm an individual" thing going on, but she's kinda bad at it, following the trends (and her twin sister) instead. She's dark blue because that's a strong, regal-ish color and she has a skirt because she (if she weren't a stick figure) is very girly and hot.

Ruth "Ika" Long - Ruki's twin sister. Ika has a much stronger personality type that Ruki. She also took some advice from Ulla and flaunts what she got. She purple because it's a royal, strong-ish color. Ika and Ruki are kinda powerhouses. And she has boobs for obvious reasons. Yeah...

*Appearence, here, having the meaning of "who talked first". There are some characters that have been seen (in fact, all but one in the banner have been shown, plus one), but have yet to be named or open their mouths.